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100 Roads Design



Time for recess! There is no better way to take a break from learning than play time. The playground is visually stimulating and allows children to switch their minds into play mode.

They can explore a multitude of play equipment including:

- Playground structure with puzzle-bridge, drop-down hammocks, a tower, and a plank
- Musical garden with gamified musical software
- Maze
- Rainbow bridge
- Pipe labyrinth
- Zip line towers that take you for a ride around the map
- Mini village featuring fire station, police station, hospital, grocery store, and a house
- Camping area
- Outdoor theater
- Glass dome
- Waterfall and secret cave tunnel
- Tree house
- Fun animals scattered around the playground

*All add-ons require a base campus to function.


Your campus will be delivered in 2 business days.

System Requirements

64G Storage, 8GB RAM
Laptop, Chromebook or Desktop.
Windows, Mac, Chromebook

Hosting Requirements

A virtual campus "lives" on multiple servers. Your campus will be deployed on a hosting platform (just like a website). You will need to purchase a hosting package based on how many users you will have on your map.

Compliance and Data Security

Our hosting partner and platform creator are GDPR and COPPA compliant.

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  • 48 Hour Delivery

    You will be up and running with your campus in 48 hours.

  • Biweekly Updates

    We update your campus every two weeks. You can make changes, integrate new add-ons and change customization level.

  • Hosting

    Our preferred hosting partner is WorkAdventure. WorkAdventure offers new clients 3 months free hosting, and a 50% discount for schools

  • Portals

    Your campus has additional portals. You can purchase add-ons to attach to portals to expand your campus.