Choosing your campus

Creating the perfect campus for a school is an exciting task that involves blending functionality, aesthetics, and practicality. For your ideal campus, we'll draw inspiration from existing campuses while incorporating unique elements to create a vibrant learning environment.

Before you begin, consider the following questions:

  • How big is your school/community? How many students, educators, staff do you have?
  • Do you have different student age groups?
  • Do you run specialty classes that may need separate spaces?
  • Do you want your campus to have your school’s branding displayed in different buildings?

Given this information, we can begin the design of a space that caters to your school's requirements. Our guide is a starting point to assist you in molding your concepts and making the creation of your ideal virtual environment easier.

  • Choose your base map

    Every campus starts with a base map where all of the students from your school will arrive. You can choose between an admin center or a pre-made campus as your base map, or create your own unique space layout for the heart of your virtual campus.

  • Select your add-ons

    Add-ons are work or play environments that extend your campus. Add a classroom, library, conference center, playground, space station, fitness center or more to enrich your campus. Check out our add-ons selection or get a specialty space from one of our themed campuses.

  • Create a perfect layout

    You have the flexibility to arrange the elements of your campus as you see fit. You can place all the buildings on a single large map, set up portals to access different areas of your campus, or combine both approaches. Mix and match the elements to craft a unique space for your school.

About custom branding

We brand your virtual campus to make members of your community feel connected to the school spirit. Branding includes school signage, custom colors, mascots and banners to help students connect with their school.

Complete flexibility

You can select from any of our existing assets or custom create your own. We update your campus every two weeks so you can add new classrooms and add-ons to keep your students excited and engaged.