How it works

1. Choose your campus

Choose a campus that is a perfect fit for your school. You have the freedom to create your campus by using pre-existing maps, blending buildings and interiors from various spaces, or designing a unique space from scratch. The choice is entirely yours, and there are no limits to your imagination. Feel free to explore our catalog of spaces and consult our guide on selecting your campus as we assist you throughout the process, ensuring you assemble the campus of your dreams.

2. Set-Up and Onboarding

During this stage, we will construct and install your campus. The installation timeline may vary depending on the number of custom elements your campus has. We will work closely with you to ensure that the creative process aligns with your vision.

Once construction is complete, we will install the campus into the hosting platform and set up an admin panel. The admin panel will be the place from which you will be able to oversee your space, manage members, and configure various gameplay settings. We will give you a brief guide on how to navigate your admin panel, making sure you are well-prepared for managing your school. Additionally, we offer user manuals tailored for students, educators, and staff, simplifying the onboarding process for all members of your school.

3. Enjoy and update

Now you are all set! You can use your campus, your branding has been installed, and hosting has been purchased.

We expect you'll want to change parts of your campus over time, like interactions and classroom layouts. Your campus will have scheduled maintenance every two weeks (on the 1st and 16th of each month). We check your campus, integrate any new updates or changes, and make sure everything is running smoothly. You can request to update your campus outside of the schedule with emergency updates.