About virtual campuses

A virtual campus is an online education hub that reproduces many of the interactions and learning environments of a physical school or college.

Students can attend classes, collaborate, ask questions, speak publicly or privately with educators and peers, meet friends, and relax with fun activities between classes.

Our campuses are virtual environments where participants interact and communicate via avatars, text-based chat and video conferencing. Close proximity to other avatars and objects opens private communications, group chats, information pop-ups and more.  

  • Closer to real life

    Way more fun than a video conference with real world interactions like collaboration, private conversations, question time, text chat, mentoring and break out play between classes.

  • Affordable

    Running a virtual campus is much less expensive than buying or leasing a bricks and mortar school. No plumbing or building problems to fix. No maintenance staff to hire or manage.

  • Fast set up

    Get your community up and running in less than a week with all the tools you need to enrol students and begin classes. Help with onboarding. Expert coding and design management.

  • Interactivity

    Install websites, take notes, collaborate, share docs. Add your favourite apps, links and workflow systems to make classes exciting and easy to follow for students of all ages.

Designed for interaction

100 Roads campuses allow students and educators to interact like they do in a physical school. When you get close to another person you can talk just like you do in real life.

You can have one-on-one conversations, small group hang outs, presentations, classes and events.

  • Classroom layouts

    Choose from 8 classroom layouts and 10 color schemes. Each classroom has multiple meeting areas.

  • Faculty Areas

    Educators and mentors can have their own faculty areas and offices. Meet parents and students in your private space.

  • Mentoring rooms

    Our mentoring offices are designed to be relaxed, quiet spaces for one-on-one tutoring.

Embedded classrooms

Virtual campus buildings have rooms or zones where students can meet for classes or break out into small groups.

There are many layouts to choose from and all classrooms contain interactive links and meeting rooms. Educators can also integrate their own links and apps.

Why we love virtual campuses

No matter where your student is located, they aren't alone. Their screen is a portal to a vibrant community of peers and mentors with new learning experiences.

Walking around the campus sparks spontaneous conversations and imaginative play. Faculty offices offer privacy and individual help.

Education should never be boring. 100 Roads aims for amazing.