Our Story

100 Roads has been designing and innovating in the education space since 2016. Our founder, Catherine Fraise, first designed a physical campus at Workspace Education in Bethel CT.

When lockdowns raised new problems, Catherine moved into developing online learning environments.

Home set ups with old hardware or poor internet connections were just some of the challenges of creating viable, inclusive education hubs. So we don't build avatars that look like Lara Croft (yet...), but we run spaces that everyone can access.

100 Roads Design is located in McLeod, Montana and our virtual campuses are created by a global team of digital architects, creatives, community builders and educators.

Our design team

100 Roads has a talented design crew working in home offices from Ukraine to Australia.

We love emerging tech and are super excited to see where it takes us.

2 Concept artists
3 Architects
4 Digital illustrators
2 Map makers
2 Coders
3 Operations specialists
3 Onboarding team

And still growing :)