100 Roads pricing

Virtual campuses

The price of a virtual campus consists of 3 parts:

1. Set up fee

Upon the installation and delivery of you campus you pay a one time non-refundable fee for customized set up of your school. This includes the installation of your campus, creating an account on the hosting platform, customization and installation of branding (if applicable). 

2. Monthly management fee

Once your school is set up, you choose either a monthly or yearly subscription for management of your campus. Our tech team at 100 Roads will manage the code of your virtual school including installing updates, changing interactions and design, and making sure your school is functioning correctly.

All new customers get a 3-month free trial to get used to the virtual space and decide whether it fits you school's needs. You get a substantial discount if you choose the yearly subscription.

3. Hosting

All 100 Roads campuses are hosted on our preferred hosting platform Workadventure. To use the platform, users need to get hosting spaces

We have secured discounted hosting for education customers. Our customers also get a 3-month free trial for 100 spaces so you won't pay hosting fees while you onboard your community.

The cost of hosting depends on the number of participants using the campus at the same time. For example, if your school has 100 students but you have 50 people on your campus at once, you'd purchase 50 hosting slots. To minimize hosting fees we recommend you organize your schedule to 'spread out' students throughout the day, and review campus activity to see how many hosting slots you actually need.