Data Privacy and Security

Security: referring to the ability of an outsider to gain access to a minor on the platform, and/or enter the platform to cause harm.

WorkAdventure has three levels of security depending on the population it is working with. Schools operate a dashboard to control access. Access to each part of the campus can be restricted.
  1. Public (adult only population where anyone can access the world through a link)
  2. Members only (only those with an account can enter, and the platform can be set to either using a private password to enter, or to enter using their school Google with a private password)
  3. Certain members (each part of a campus can be set to restricted access, allowing only staff for example)

The only way a malicious person could enter the platform would be using a member’s credentials. Tech people from both WorkAdventure and 100 Roads (who currently enter for troubleshooting purposes) have access to the platform, and can be restricted from access by the school.

Campuses can be opened and closed after hours, by changing the access on the dashboard.

Schools can also decide to create a totally closed system hosted on their own servers, with servers of their choice. This would require investing in the edtech/dashboard that the school would use to monitor their school populations. Schools could create a white label version of the platform. This option would require hiring a full-time coding team to set up and manage the schools and would be an option for a school consortium.

Privacy: the collection and handling of data that includes personal identifiers.

WorkAdventure is both GDPR and CPPA compliant. They do not collect data or sell user data to third parties. The only information they could retrieve about students is their school email and Woka name. WorkAdventures uses cookies, so that the student’s chromebooks remember the avatar and login details, so the students don’t have to login every time. No information is kept in the meeting rooms longer than 24 hours. Features where data could be collected such as in chat can be turned off. WorkAdventure has their privacy policy on their website.

Where is the system hosted and why?

The system was created in France by the Coding Machine and its subsidiary company, WorkAdventure. It is the same initial open source code that was created and adopted for use on other proximity video chat platforms. The WorkAdventure servers are based in Ireland and in France. There are two servers used for the operations of the platform, each performing a different role. If a school decided to create their own instance of the platform they could choose the location of their servers.