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Laws of the Universe

Laws of the Universe

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Laws of the Universe is a space-themed campus featuring out-of-this-world interiors. Learn aerodynamics in one of the classrooms, build and maintain your planes in the hangar, study rockets and finally take one of them to go to space. If you prefer to stay on Earth, you can watch distant stars and galaxies in the observatory or planetarium.


Your campus will be delivered in 7 business days.

System Requirements

64G Storage, 8GB RAM
Laptop, Chromebook or Desktop.
Windows, Mac, Chromebook
A hosting package is required for 15+ participants.

Hosting Requirements

A virtual campus "lives" on multiple servers. Your virtual campus will be deployed on a hosting platform (just like a website). You will need to purchase a hosting package for your campus if you have more than 15 participants on your campus.

Compliance and Data Security

Our hosting partner and platform creator are GDPR and COPPA compliant.

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  • 48 Hour Delivery

    You will be up and running with your campus in 48 hours.

  • Biweekly Updates

    We update your campus every two weeks. You can make changes, integrate new add-ons and change customization level.

  • Hosting

    Our preferred hosting partner is WorkAdventure. WorkAdventure offers new clients 3 months free hosting, and a 50% discount for schools

  • Portals

    Your campus has additional portals. You can purchase add-ons to attach to portals to expand your campus.