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Custom Design

You can create your own campus in line with your brand, the activities you would like to do in the campus, and the goals you would like to achieve. We have a team of digital archtects and illustrators to create your campus, and experience creating interactive classrooms, events and the interactivity that builds community.

All campuses start with a FREE 30 minute consultation, where we listen to you describe what you would like to create, and we work out whether we are the best creative partner for you to accomplish your goals.

The next step is a design session with our concept artist, who will create a professional rendering of what your campus will look like, that you can share with your team.

Once a design is approved we send it to our digital team to build. Then the campus is uploaded onto a proximity video chat platform.

Book a 30 minute Consultation


Most people are surprised by how inexpensive a custom campus can be, especially when comparing the cost of renting a building. To create a campus you first need to envision what you would like the environment would be like.

It costs approx. $1500 - $2000 for a rendering of your design by a professional concept artist.

Custom illustration is done on a per hour basis. Your IP is created by a team of specialists, and can be hand drawn and colored, and/or created in vectors. Once designed, our map makers brand and fill your campus with interactive links, animations, and advanced features to enhance the interactivity of your campus. Our coders test the functionality and security of your campus. Our onboarding team can support your admin team, educators and students move in get up and running quickly. It takes approx. 60-100 hours to custom design and digitally illustrate a branded campus. We give you a quote based on our best estimate, but expect to pay $6000+ for a custom campus.