Recess is Back!

Recess is Back!

If you talk to an elementary child the thing they like most about school is playing and hanging out with friends. We learned during Covid that many kids didn't enjoy online learning and got bored during endless Zoom calls.

We know that it is play that children evolved to learn, and that strong relationships between people in a learning context motivates and stimulates learning. Creating a context for learning (our interactive classroom) which can be customized to meet the needs of the educators, and a robust, interactive and stimulating environment for play is a great combination in a learning space.  Now educators can finally let the children go out and play in between learning sessions, and the children can build on their friendships and make up their own games "outside."

To make play come alive in our virtual spaces we have reimagined the games we loved in childhood like hide and seek, tag, shop (and so many more.) We have also created fun virtual playground experiences using portals to a virtual zipline, tightrope walking and virtual waterfalls.  

These are experiences children won't want to miss out on with their friends.


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